The Professional Network Directory is a list of professionals and companies who support the Global Country of World Peace and who are offering services or products for hire or purchase. 

      -A few examples are: 

1. A doctor offering Maharishi Ayurveda consultations in Brazil

2. A house painter offering house painting with non toxic paints in the UK

3. A company selling 100% organic cosmetics in Australia

4. A guitarist who practices TM and offers guitar lessons in California 

5. An electrician trained in Maharishi Vastu principles offering electrical repair in Tokyo.


 If you would like to have your name and the service you offer listed in the Professional Network Directory, please send an email to 

Please include your contact information, services offered, and pertinent background information along with references. At this time there is no charge for being listed in the directory. At this time there are no requirements to donate a percentage of any fees collected for contacts established through the Professional Network Directory.