Artists for World Peace 

The Ministry of Trade and Commerce in collaboration with artists around the world is building an e-commerce web site to facilitate artists selling their art works to a worldwide audience. Artists participating in the site will donate a minimum of 30% of the sale to the Brahmananda Saraswati Foundation to create world peace.



Artists Association for World Peace

Many artists have expressed a desire to support proven practical programs to create world peace. All those artists who desire peace and who want to make a better world are invited to join the Artists Association for World Peace. The association's website will give artists access to a global network of peace-loving people. A percentage of the sale price of the work displayed on the website (between 30% and 100% to be decided individually by each artist) will go to Brahmananda Saraswati Foundation. The foundation supports the Maharishi Vedic Pandit program to create permanent world peace in this generation and for all generations to come. Through their beautiful and profound creations, artists have the power to transform the world. In coming together to support this global peace initiative artists can further empower themselves and their art. By making their work instantly available to a global audience in support of creating permanent peace, this in itself will send a wave of peace throughout our family of nations.


If you would like to be part of the upcoming Artist for World peace web site, please email your information and pictures of your work to:

Absolute Image No.33 - Artist, Lawrence Sheaff, 2004