"The ideal of economics is for everyone in the whole world family to live abundance and fulfillment in daily life"

- Maharishi

The primary goals of Ministry of Trade and Commerce of the Global Country of World Peace are:

1.  Help every individual of every nation enjoy their full mental potential and live a life of good health, prosperity and peace.

2.  Remove the age old grip of poverty, by providing programs which help each individual to develop their full mental potential, as well as help every community, state, province and nation to develop programs which will ensure each of their citizens have good education, good health, prosperity and peace for generation after generation.

3.  To help every owner, executive, and employee of every company to rise to their full mental potential and thereby substantially increase the success of their company.

4.  To help establish new businesses that will be highly profitable, socially responsible, environmentally friendly, and will support the humanitarian programs of the Global Country of World peace